Learn how money really works , so you can live life on your terms. 

I can honestly say it has been life changing - I would have paid her the full amount just for the first session I had!!

Lisa Satchwell, Clinical Massage


Free and instant access to discover which of the 4 Money Mindsets you have and the first 3 steps to change

Karen Sutton-Johal

Money Mentor & Mindset Coach

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The 4 Money Mindsets Book

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Work with me to transform your finances

Feel as if you are not making the financial progress you expected.

Making and keeping enough money is a problem.

You want a step by step programme with a mentor who understands where you are, who has done what you want to do, and is able to help you with the steps you need to get your financial results quickly.

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"I can strongly recommend Karen's mentoring, after my first session I have had a massive mindset shift and have upped my cashflow by one third.

Rachael Pinks, Artist & Founder of ‘The Old Lock Up Studio’

Thanks to Karen's coaching I understand how my money mindset has held me back and the barriers that stopped me. I now have more confidence, more focus and importantly for me clarity for my business.  Karen's money mindset coaching is really about the “penny drops”!

Judy Parsons, LinkedIn Marketing Coach & Author

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