We're Karen & Jo-Singh Sutton-Johal and we know..

...that anyone can become very financially successful.

 The path to financial success is utterly predictable. If you replace your current Money Mindset with a Rich Money Mindset, you cannot not be financially successful. If you learn the right skills and learn to always make the right financial decisions you will always be financially successful. How could you not be?  

However, it's not just a case of saying a few mantras or letting go of a few limiting beliefs or hoping that windfall finally comes in, there's a process for changing your money mindset, learning new financial skills, knowledge and understanding that is required to make it happen.

Our Customers come to us to solve 3 key problems:

  1. Frustrated about not having enough money right now.
  2. Worried about not having enough money in the future.
  3. Feeling Stuck & not knowing what to do to change the above.

They had already tried getting debt advice, financial advice and other money coaching programmes, borrowing, cutting back expenditure, increasing efficiency, increasing sales and find while these solutions provide temporary respite from their financial  problems, the old problem keeps coming back over and over again. The long-term change they need just never stayed.  

They needed training that would teach them the technical skills of saving, managing and creating money and the  deep mindset changing work that must accompany this training to ensure financial success.

After Working With Us Clients:

Knew exactly what was causing their financial issues, and was stopping them from achieving the financial success they wanted.

From our assessment process they got crystal clarity on what they needed to do to rectify this and the support in terms of skills and mindset to achieve this. They...

  • Stopped worrying about money because they learned how to make good financial decisions. 
  • Felt secure because they know how to  meet their financial commitments.
  • Are able to enjoy spending their money without guilt or fear.
  • Are empowered and have a great personal financial strategy.  
  • Begin living their lives the way they want to now, and not ‘at some point in the future’.
  • Do exactly what they need to do to unlock their financial success.
  • Have happier relationships because they easily handle  conflict around finances.

They are no longer stuck financially and know what to do and how to do it, all the time, because they now know the mindset to make the best financial decisions every day

The 4 Money Mindsets Method is a step by step process you can follow to change your financial future.



How We Discovered The 4 Money Mindsets

Throughout my life, I’ve been obsessed with understanding how some people always manage to have lots of money while so many others never seem to have any. This obsession was fuelled by my background; my Dad came from what was back then one of the richest families in Ireland and my Mother came from an extremely poor background.

As a child I observed very different ways of behaving around money. I saw that financial calamity hit both my rich and poor relatives, but how each dealt with this was very different. Regardless of how tough things got, the rich ones always came back stronger than ever while the poor ones seemed to become crushed by it all. Later, my work as a Debt Adviser led me to understand there was such a thing as a Money Mindset. I saw the principle in action because no matter how often I helped people out of debt, they would get back into debt and come back for help again and again.

Determined to help people out of this recurring cycle of financial misery, we began to research this In-Debt Money Mindset. I believed that if the financial skills, knowledge and understanding of those in debt could be broken down and understood, I could design a training course specifically for people like my clients to change their financial behaviours permanently rather than the current system which seldom yields permanent change. A Debt Charity I used to work for called it ‘the revolving door’ consisting of the same people returning with the same debts over and over again.

My qualifications in Competency analysis, Ability and Psychometric testing provided a framework for investigating the In-Debt Money Mindset. However my investigation led me to discovering there were in fact, 4 very distinct and separate Money Mindsets, In-Debt, Break-Even, Comfortable & Rich, each with specific and predictable financial behaviours and underlying beliefs about money.

Today my husband and I run a Financial Success training business where we teach people how to change their money mindset so they become more financially successful. 

Together since 2004 we have built three businesses and became financially free in 2012.

The 4 Money Mindsets Method™ has helped “100’s” of people to succeed financially by showing them HOW to think and act like those belonging to the 2%.


Karen has spent the past 18 years as a full time investor and business builder. Her background lies in Debt Advice, Financial Capability Training, Quality and systems auditing, British Phycological Society qualified in Psychometrics and Personality Profiling, and an MA in designing and building Competency Frameworks. Karen is also an NLP Master Practitioner and a professional in Trauma Therapy.

Jo Singh is a full time business builder and investor. He has only ever created money from business, starting at 8 years old on a market stall. His academic qualifications are scientific and medical research. His coaching background and as an Embodiment Coach and NLP Master Practitioner drive a curiosity to understand how emotions lead people to make good or bad financial decisions. 

Jo Singh walks the talk – he has always created money from businesses – never relying on earning money from a job.


There are 4 Money Mindsets, In-Debt, Break-Even, Comfortable & Rich 

Michael was struggling to be financially successful and he couldn't understand why. He never took on any debts, always paid all his bills on time but never built any wealth after 25 years of working hard in a high paying job. He had no House, no investments to show for his time. He looked at all his peers with property portfolios, investments and businesses and felt awful, why couldn't he do this. He was extremely frustrated.

Michael had tried very hard to find a solution. He tried saving at the end of every month,  but something always seemed to happen that would take him back to where he was before.

Nothing seemed to work. He couldn't figure how to improve his financial success. When we started to work together, our assessment identified that Michael was running a Break-Even Money Mindset. Break-Even Money mindset, whilst he was not in debt it seemed to him like he could never get ahead. Whenever he had some spare money something would happen that required him to spend it. When we worked with Michael and he learned it was his money mindset that was keeping him where he was and then he learned the exact steps he needed to take to develop, first the Comfortable Money Mindset and then a little step at a time exactly what he needed to do - how to develop the Rich Money Mindset. Michael started to see the objective results in his bank statements within months and he became very financially successful once he had made all the changes he needed to.

Martin came to us because even though he had a very good salary he had lost lots of money on investments and was very worried about being financially secure for the future. When we worked in detail an assessed what exactly was happening Martin had a very serious money block. Martin had an In-Debt money mindset, he was a  gambler and made poor investment decisions over and over again. He Had  Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) which drove him to borrow money and take great financial risks over and over again. 

Childhood patterns were causing him to to take big uncalculated investment risks. Martin's money mindset was causing this to happen repeatedly and he had suffered huge losses. His Money Mindset was having catastrophic consequences not only for his finances but also very badly affecting his marriage. He kept feeling that if he could just make one brilliant investment all his financial problems would be solved.

Once Martin worked with us, he identified his Money Mindset and changed it for the Rich Money Mindset. He built up savings, safe investments and a clear and robust money strategy that he follows consistently. He saved a lot more than just money, his complete change saved his marriage. 

Alma came to us because she was very worried that she would not have enough money to retire in the future.  Even though she had amassed significant savings she knew they were being completely eroded by inflation. She knew that no matter how much she saved that savings alone  would never give her the financial security she needed for the future. She felt stuck because she just didn't know what to do to change it.

Alma had gone to a financial adviser but she could see that there was a significant risk that these investments would not deliver the returns she wanted, and that indeed she could lose her money. So she just felt paralysed. Alma continue to amass more savings but the feelings of not having enough for the future were ever present, she knew savings alone were not a sustainable solution - they would eventually run out.

Alma asked her friend who had a good pension for advice but her friend could only advise get a government job that is how you get a good pension. This wasn't what Alma wanted and it wasn't even possible, so she felt really stuck. 

Alma was just too frightened to make investment decisions, she had no idea how to invest to crate wealth but knew that all the while the value of her savings were rapidly deteriorating. She also knew that  these savings needed to produce income rather that just amassing in the bank. 

Once she started working with the 4 Money Mindset Method, she learned that she had a Comfortable Money Mindset. She learned that FEAR is often the root of the Comfortable Money Mindset and that this was at the root of many of her financial problems.

 Alma saw that because of her current Money Mindset she was very frightened of risk to her capital, so was too frightened to do anything. She was paralysed by fear. This is what kept her worrying about her future finances but unable to DO anything constructive.

On the Programme Alma learned how entrepreneurs do not take blind risks, they take carefully calculated risks. Step-by- step Alma learned HOW to DO the Rich Money Mindset. She learned HOW to only take properly calculated risks herself.

 She learned step by step HOW to risk assess and how to develop the Rich Money Mindset.

Manjit had a very high paying job she was very worried because she knew if she stopped working (she didn't enjoy her work)) she didn't know how to replace up her salary.

Manjit was a very talented and had tried going self-employed before but the uncertainty and variable cashflow was just too stressful, because she didn't know how to fix this. After nearly 3 years trying to make it work she went back to into employment. (much to her dismay)

Manjit had gone to a business coach for help because she was worried about finances and it was good for a while, (they focussed on getting more sales through, but it did not  address the inconsistent income over the longer term). She also went to a factor to get help with the inconsistency of late paying clients but this just resulted in with less money over the longer term. 

When she asked her friends and family for advice their reaction was that she should never give up a successful career and high paying job. Manjit was worried she would never be able to leave her job and have enough money for a reasonable lifestyle and future.

Once she began The 4 Money Mindsets Method Manjit evaluated that lots of the solutions she had been trying were just symptoms of a much deeper problem.  Our assessment revealed  that Manjit had a Comfortable Money Mindset and that while she was very good a saving money, she had never been taught to create money, only to trade time as an employee or as self-employed contractor.   Without the ability to create money she could never leave her job unless she was prepared to live without financial security.  She had only ever been taught the employee mindset and never how to create money from a business. 

Once she had learned about how money is created across all 3 asset classes and how to design and implement a wealth building strategy for herself, her financial life shifted forever.

She had replaced her Comfortable Money Mindset for the Rich Money  Mindset.