Please Don't Bury Your Head In The Sand, it really helps to talk about it.

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We have never seen a money problem that can’t be sorted out once someone seeks help. It is important for people who are stuck in a destructive money pattern to talk to someone about it. Often they don't realise this is changeable with the right steps they could change their financial success forever.

This is a life changing programme.  People have to be prepared to really change and there is a lot of hard work involved. This is a rigorous and challenging programme that requires commitment and dedication to stay with it and feel into the discomfort and learn a vast number of new concepts and process.

However, this is NOT a kick your *** positive thinking, brutal accountability and pushing through, five o'clock club programme because that just won't work.  We teach coach guide and mentor our clients through this life transforming experience with kindness consideration and compassion and joy.

Who is it for

Our research has shown that the people who succeed on this programme are people who are capable of great personal change.  A very powerful measure of future performance is past performance. Therefore if you have already made a great change in your life (regardless of what it is)  you have demonstrated that you are capable of change.

People who believe they are fully responsible for their financial success in the world get great results with this

People who are willing to feel discomfort and deal with adversity to achieve what they want.

Who it is not for

People who have never significantly changed in their life. If someone still holds all the same opinions and beliefs throughout life. If someone has never upgraded their skill sets or done anything significantly different in their life would struggle to implement the required changes that ensure financial success.

People who believe that someone else is responsible for their financial success or failure cannot achieve financial success and would not achieve what they wanted from this programme.

If feeling uncomfortable is too difficult for someone to work through, they will struggle to succeed on this programme.