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Welcome to the 4 Money Mindsets. We're Karen & Jo Singh Sutton-Johal, we teach, coach, train, mentor, and guide ambitious people to give them crystal clarity about what they need to do to become very financially successful. No matter where they are starting from.

We work with people who are worried about their current and future financial  situation, and really want to change but are unsure of exactly what to do. They are sick of being stuck and unable to change their finances

The great news is the path to financial success is utterly predictable. We've spent years analysing and standardising this journey and have mapped it step by step in our process - The 4 Money Mindsets Method. Find out more about us... 


The common problem around money...

Most of us are taught how to create and control our money by the people we grow up with. The sad fact is that most of them are not very good at creating and controlling their money.  Therefore, It's hardly surprising that worry and struggle with money is so common. Very few of us are specifically taught or trained HOW to create and control money so we always have enough. Instead, we simply learn from our experiences growing up. What's worse we then blame ourselves or feel shame about our lack of financial success.

If you desperately wanted to learn to swim you wouldn't just jump in the water and hope for the best or take the advice of  people can't. You have to learn HOW to do it. You would go and be taught by someone who could swim themselves, and had a tried and tested process for teaching people HOW to swim. 

People struggle with money if they've never been taught specifically HOW to get the results they want. You wouldn't give your child a lecture about what to do to swim, and then throw them in the sea. You would show them HOW. You would get into the water with them, support them and teach them little by little, step by step until they could swim on their own. Learning to be financially successful is no different, you need to be shown HOW step by step.

 To be more financially successful you have to switch to a more financially successful Money Mindset. Until you change your Money Mindset, nothing will change with your wealth or in your bank account.

There are 4 Money Mindsets In-Debt, Break-Even, Comfortable & Rich and whichever one you have will dictate how financially successful you are. Once the mind is set the biases take over and deliver the results in your life. If you replace one Money Mindset with another you will get different financial results in your life.

Did you know... 98% of the population are in debt, or just getting by, or have large savings but no proper wealth strategy.

If you want more than this, then you must change your current Money Mindset for the Rich Money Mindset. You must change what you are doing financially to get the financial results you want.

The good news is that the path to financial success is very predictable and anyone can change their Money Mindset if they want to.

You are not alone, we are here to help you...It all starts with getting clear on what your current money mindset is.



We worked with Alfred in 2021...

BEFORE - I was frustrated and I wasn't clear what to do towards my financial independence goal and also what to do to remove 100% reliance on a pay cheque. Having recently migrated to the UK I did not know who to trust. I had no plan and clear strategies on how to create and leverage opportunities for wealth building out there.

AFTER - Since working with Karen and Jo I have a big picture financial strategy. I have investments and I have started to learn and invest in property. I have confidence and I have increased my net worth.  Everything in the coaching was specifically tailored to my needs.


We worked with Dave in 2021...

  BEFORE -  I couldn't get ahead and a big expense always seemed to occur whenever I had a bit of money spare. I never had any savings which frustrated me and I never felt like I had enough money. I had a break-even money mindset and was just getting by really.

AFTER - I started working with Karen and Jo I began saving and I make better financial decisions now.  It's great to bounce around ideas and strategies together.  I feel more positive about the future for myself and my family and in turn my confidence has increased. Also I really enjoy working with Karen and Jo.



 In-Debt, Break-Even, Comfortable or Rich Where are you?...  CLICK BELOW TO FIND OUT...